Children of Joy Inc. bring the joys of outreach to the neediest of the needy in Sri Lanka. COJ message is simple. When our hearts are on fire there is nothing we cannot do. Young and old, friends and strangers, professionals, students and the retired band together and volunteer their time and treasure giving a lifeline to many who had none before. Our volunteers see the changes first hand when they travel and work in Sri Lanka which is one of our regular programs. If there is will there is a way. The Board meets monthly and all its workers work for free. Thus, every dollar invested in our programs is leveraged to provide the maximum impact of many times more on our recipients. COJ Is not a large NGO and therefore its is able to connect donors, volunteers, board members directly through personal relationships that are fulfilling and enriching. Many of us have found COJ as a form of wholesome living in which we can find our common humanity by feeling together (compassion) with each other.

Started more than ten years ago COJ started with finding a wholesome home for five orphan girls in Sri Lanka by Jasmine Jayawardene and a few of her friends in the USA. It expanded to more orphan girls who were refugees of civil war, tsunami and destitution. Now, after more than a decade Children of Joy has grown to support many such orphanages in partnership with leading similar child support organizations. Following the devastation of the Tsunami in 2005 COJ opened a medical center to dispense medical care. For the sake of those who did not have transport a mobile clinic supported the center bring doctors and nurses to the refugees and destitute squatting in hut along the coastal beaches. Since one in four children in Sri Lanka suffer from malnutrition we started a nutrition clinic that distributed to dry rations of staple foods to children, mothers, elderly and the sick. It is recently replaced by the cooked rice parcels ready to be eaten. Beyond providing support our goal is to empower these wonderful children, the sick and the refugees to be able to help themselves with skills and resources. For this end we provide vocational training in which training in spoken English is regularly given to young people at the Children Center. These and other programs are supported by the warm support of many people who are moved by compassion in their hearts to share a part of their lives so generously and find deep fulfillment in that sharing.